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There's no nice way to put it - school loans are a killer.

There are different types of school loans, but all of them are normally not dischargeable in bankruptcy,

In theory, in special circumstances, a person might be so disabled that they could ne er pay the loan back, so it might be discharged in bankruptcy. But the standard to meet is so high, that if you meet it, you might not need bankruptcy to do it, because the Federal government can also do it outside of bankruptcy.

Even if you get relief, the discharged debt might be taxable to you as if it were ordinary income..

Some schools are scams, and the Federal government will help in those cases.

There are some income dependent payment plans that can work to reduce payments for Federal loans, but they are not available for private loans.

One thing you can do is vote for people who believe in student loan debt relief, and vote against those who don't, so we can change the laws.

I can help negotiate payments, but with private loans, they mostly tell you what to do, rather than the other way around.

Schools sometiimes push loans that are not appropriate for the student, because they get a kickback from the lender.  You need to push your school to stop this practice, and if they don't, don't contribute to the school.  Schools also increase tuition at a scandalous pace, because they know the lender will offer loans for these increased amounts.  You need to push back and complain about these practices as well.

Schools also push private loans, and if you can't pay them, it is harder to resolve a payment plan or get a deferral than with a Federal loan.

The school loan debt scandal is larger than the mortgage loan debt scandal.  It's in the trillions. It will take political action to stop this drag on the economy.

I talk to our local Congressmen and Senators almost every year and it's like banging my head against the wall.

But if enough of us bang our heads, the wall will eventually break.

If you tell me your stories, I will try to get them in front of Congress or in the newspapers.  We need to keep the pressure on.


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